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Testing News

Important: At the moment the staff are not accepting supernaturals in Kingdom Levia. Once there are more human characters we will start accepting supernaturals again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Abigail (Kayla) will be absent most of July so if you have any problems or new characters that need to be added please pm another staff member.

Message From Site Owner: Hey guys! I apologize for being absent from this site for a few months, my life became very hectic due to moving across country. I am back now but I wanted to apologize again for my absence and thank Kayla, Major & Sage for keeping this site going. You guys are amazing staff! :-) ~ Regan & Others

Members please remember to pm a staff member your character information so we can add them to the appropriate kingdom. We really do not like to hunt for the information on profiles. 

There are still some pages under construction so please excuse the look of those pages in the meantime. 

Available High Ranks:
Nobles (Levia & Caeleste)


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